Construction Marketing Case Study | Finally, Growing a Business is No Longer a Mystery!

Do your remodel projects and contractor work always bring smiles to your clients’ faces, but wish you had more clients to provide joy to via construction marketing? Have you found that even the thought of construction marketing efforts to be insanely intimidating? On top of that, do many aspects of running a business stress you out to no end? It’s time once again to consider none other than Redmond Growth for these very reasons. Whether you’re a multi-million dollar business or just one guy who builds fantastic additions to homes, 我们可以和你一起工作,帮助你实现你的个人目标. 就问头儿要C&R Contracting about how his work us has brought him insane confidence with managing his business.


首先,选C&R Contracting is simply to many of the clients we work with for contractor marketing services. 他们做了很好的重塑, additions, 还有整栋房子的装修, but he really did not have a very good knowledge base for how to effectively grow a business. 他所做的一切都没有相应的制度, there are were little to no documents about how someone fulfills his work, 他的生意在网上的人气很低. So when he decided to come to us, he become eternally grateful for that decision.



为了把你的建筑营销提升到一个全新的水平, we first peruse the internet to figure out what’s going on currently with your construction marketing. There are usually three categories for contractor marketing that we’ve found exists with clients starting. Some clients will have barely anything up and going for their business. 有些人会出现, but it’s very weak and doesn’t have as much substance as it needs to be a competitive resource in their local business reach. Finally, 他们有很多方面的收入不断进入, 但更多的时候是这样, there are two or three things we can still fix with their construction marketing. We take care of all of this for you for less than what it would cost to  a hire full-time, 每个月每小时9美元! 负担得起的.


说到钱和定价, that’s a hot button topic with just about every client we interact with. So when we deal with our clients on building a great foundation for construction marketing, we also feel obligated to make sure they can actually profit off of the results from our efforts. 这就是为什么我们要严格执行, 特别是对于承包商, 因为他们实施承包商广告来带来工作, 他们至少能从工作中获得20%的收益. 他们努力的支柱永远不会改变. Once they let this waver, then it’s likely they won’t work with us for much longer.


为逐步达成交易的方法, 实际上,我们已经制定了十个步骤来实现这个目标. 特别是与改造公司, our best practice model worked WONDERS and clients eternally grew grateful with this. These steps go into pivotal areas of focus to address the main question…what will convince your ideal and likely buyers to choose you over anyone else in your region? 这就是为什么我们高度强调谷歌审查的n度! That’s why we incorporate scripts and best practice emails/texts to always make sure anytime we communicate with a customer is the best it can possibly be. 你再也不用凭直觉行事了. You’ll have easily trainable tools so anyone can fulfill the role as well as you can.


你的时间承诺对你的事业的成功至关重要. There are so many ways that contractors can get distracted from the real, revenue-producing activities of the business (like actually finishing those estimates and closing deals?). It’s why one of the key aspects of our relationship with clients is to WORK into them the importance of staying on task with that calendar. 不仅如此, but to actually document a written to-do list for the activities they need to do for each day. 我们加入一个关键的, daily hour of power system that’s changed the game for so many business owners. 它甚至和我们的建筑营销工作一样大.


Hiring and firing people is one of the most talked about complaints and issues with business owners everywhere. And while contractors may think this is an exclusively giant issue for their industry, everyone experiences difficult instances finding great people to work for them. A big part of that reason is the method for most small business owners is flawed or really, 小企业没有找到优秀人才的方法. 所以,通过与雷德蒙德增长公司合作进行建筑市场营销, we also provide you with a best practice method that saves business owners countless hours every single week while also seeing more and more options than ever before for candidates.


Now with any business venture, you can always improve the business little by little. Once all of these systems we’ve discussed are in place with your business, that’s going to become a key element for you to actually achieve time freedom and financial freedom. 你得花点时间坐着, 回顾并思考您的mgm集团4688mgm集团4688如何, 过程和文件可以成为最好的上油机器. This applies to every aspect that we discussed, including our construction marketing work.


现在,我的梦想成真了. You have officially attained the time and financial freedom you’ve always wanted. 这并不是简单地希望它发生. It came with a lot of blood, sweat and tears because let’s face it, it will never happen with that. You’ll find that any of the successful entrepreneurs who’ve “made it” got there by rolling up their sleeves, 他们为生意拼命工作, and poured their hearts into making others successful in the business too.


现在,虽然建立你的梦想企业将需要大量的工作, many business owners go year after year without the guiding hand to take them to the promised land. So your solution if you’re in this situation is just to simply work with Redmond Growth to get your pathway built today! 打电话给918.361.或简单地填写一个表格,我们将很高兴地设置免费, 为您提供一小时的mgm集团4688评估!


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