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水管工营销 Case Study | Evenflow Plumbing Builds a Wealth-building Powerhouse

Have you been able to notice that there’s a typical formula with successful 水管工 市场营销 all around you, 但你似乎不知道他们在用他们的 市场营销 管道的努力? Have you been curious about companies out there who provide 水管工 市场营销 work and wonder whether their work actually bears fruit? Are you tired of all the years of hard work and labor with no growth and no 时间自由?

At Redmond Growth, this is where we find our purpose and our specialty. 我们有句谚语说, “我们修复受损的企业,让好的企业变得伟大。.” It’s at the core of where we approach every relationship with our business owners. Whether it comes down to our 水管工 市场营销 efforts or the many other aspects that we provide assistance to our clients, it’s always about addressing the biggest limiting factors to our business owners and the revenue producing activities to dramatically grow a business. When a client actually does execute these action items with the aggressiveness we preach about, 它确实能创造奇迹. That’s in fact why Evenflow Plumbing has been a fantastic organization to join with us.


Evenflow Plumbing是一家位于圣安东尼奥地区的公司. 在一个繁荣的州和一个繁荣的都市区, 他们一直希望发展自己的mgm集团4688. 正如许多加入我们的企业主所经历的那样, 有太多吹牛的江湖骗子了, 但不提供实际可行的实质性步骤. When the owners took a moment from their busy weeks to sit down 与蒂姆·雷德蒙 and dive deep into the systems of their business, 他们很快意识到移动是多么重要, 以实现他们的目标.

So they signed on and got started right away with the 水管工 市场营销 endeavors and other facets we’ll dive into later on here. 如果你有兴趣看的话, 在一个实际的, 有形的方式, 我们如何能帮助你的生意蓬勃发展, 打电话给我们 918.361.安排你的空闲时间 小时的mgm集团4688评估 与蒂姆·雷德蒙!


  • R增加更多的工作! 第一个 and foremost, we have to make sure that our schedules are PACKED with highly valuable work. Many times, the contractors we begin working with already have projects going on and are crazy busy. 你可能会想,“哦,太好了! 我们就可以继续了!“错误. The biggest facet about revving up more demand and work for your business is to, 用Seth Godin的话来说, 创造一些非凡的 与你的mgm集团4688. 否则,没有人会记得你的工作或生意. We also know that every contractor would love to earn business from higher paying clients. So part of our first efforts is to beef up their digital presence with online reviews, 大量高质量的内容和伟大 水管工 市场营销.
  • E伊克斯托盈利能力增强! 现在有营销水管工服务, 我们可以每时每刻都待在工地上, doing estimates or fulfilling service work for residential needs, 但我们真的能让我们的努力发挥最大的价值吗? These are just one of the many areas that we really dig our heels into. 在我们所做的所有工作中,确保这一点很重要, we earn a great percentage of our work to our profits in order to further grow a healthy business. We’ve just interacted with TOO many businesses that are loaded up with jobs and work, 但他们的努力只能带来5%到10%的利润. 来吧! You’re in demand as a contractor…might as well get paid like someone in demand!
  • D深入销售! As I’m sure you may be realizing, we get intense with our efforts to grow your business. 因为这是发展企业所需要的. 所以当我们深入了解你的销售过程时, you may already be awesome at selling jobs…but how effective are you at training your staff to be just as good, 如果没有比你更好的话? 你让潜在客户关闭的所有步骤都有记录吗? Are these steps being constantly followed-up with and made sure that they’re executed? These are the questions we will ask and much more with our weekly meetings because we don’t want our 水管工 市场营销 work to go to waste.
  • M反的 日程安排! With everything that needs to be done with the business, a couple things can easily take place. 有一件事, your schedule can get so busy that you don’t have time to fulfill any of the actual 水管工 市场营销, 盈利机构. 除此之外, business owners and entrepreneurs can easily get absorbed into the business and therefore, 失去与配偶或亲密朋友的关系. Is there a period where insane intensity needs to happen in order to grow the business? 当然! But there will be a day when you finally receive the 时间自由 you always wanted. 我们的管道营销工作将带您到达那里!
  • O开通优质帮助渠道! Then there’s hiring and every contractor goes into panic mode talking about this. While the industry has faced shortages in employment and every contractor has a terrible story regarding terrible employees, 事实上,好人就在那里! One of the things many of our business owners learn as they work with us is that 领导现在是指导. 当你带领公司达到一个巨大的高度, the only way you’ll get there is by mentoring the team around you to be awesome. So as we continue to excel the business with our 水管工 市场营销 work, 我们还需要在团队完成的任何事情上超越他们, 在工作地点和不在工作地点.
  • N降低生产力和责任! With this mentorship comes the tough love of keeping people accountable. 这可能最终导致各地企业主的灭亡, when they can’t keep their team members accountable to being excellent with their work. 另一方面也是如此, they may be a dictator on the job site and inspire people to not continue working with them. The 水管工 市场营销 work we will do helps to keep the fire fueled in the business, 但我们也需要人来生火.
  • D创造时间自由! 终于,梦中的场景实现了. 经过多年的磨砺每天收集评论, 总是回顾你的数据来找出弱点, and after every interview session with people who will never be good fits, 你终于想出了辉煌的目标 时间自由. 这家企业现在运转良好, you’re simply just ensuring that the work gets done all the time and you now have the 时间自由 to chase around your significant other in Maui (or some other dream spot you’re envisioning right now). 和我们一起工作吧, on so much more than your 水管工 市场营销 needs to see this come to pass!


那你还坐在那里干什么? You’ve got so much to offer to the world with your expert skills. 是时候和最好的人一起建立你的事业了, 最离谱的水管工营销,这样你的生意才能兴旺. If you are looking for great accountability and a great team to get your business on track, 打电话给我们918.361.并安排您今天的一小时免费商业评估.


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